Are Sports A Form of Entertainment?

In today’s world sports creates the most popular events in the world, and these events bring together people of different backgrounds and ages. Different forces bring these crowds into the pitch, and these forces could be a need for entertainment, cheerleading for competition or just killing boredom among other reasons. In early ages, the pitch would be filled up by teenagers and fans wearing ridiculous sportswear from head to toe, but today, these things are changing rapidly. Event organizers and sponsors are now focused on enhancing the overall experiences by not only making it an entertainment event but also include some commercial dynamics.

The entertainment industry and sports industry cannot be separated especially if you can relate to musicians, cheerleaders, actors and actresses’ performances in sports events. For instance, think of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl, Shakira during 2010 world cup, Hollywood presence at the courtside of NBA, and cheerleaders at IPL Cricket. This means that while it is worthwhile to win on the pitch or the court, the need for entertainment during the sports event is increasingly becoming important as well. The sports industry then is coming up with superior entertainment-driven strategies on a global scale to ensure the audience finds everything in one place. After all, the entrepreneurs can enjoy an upper hand over their rivals.

With a sporting atmosphere where entertainment and developing technologies are blended in, it is easy to influence more people and especially young consumers towards attending the events. This is a concept of adaptability to the upcoming trends, and as an entrepreneur, one needs to not only act to the new trends but also calculate the risks involved. If a company makes a strategic move when it comes to change before it is forced by market forces to do so, it is capable of earning high dividends in the long-term plan in sports and entertainment.

It is not possible to separate sports from entertainment, and it is the reason why most companies planning or providing sporting activities are making sure that these two go hand-in-hand. For instance, Topgolf, a golfing company in the United States is focused on creating a global sporting and entertainment community to ensure everyone gets to enjoy unforgettable experiences. The main aspect about successful sports is the ability to balance entertainment and technology in a manner that players and non-players can socialize freely and have a great sporting experience.

During most sporting events, most people come as a group made of either family members, friends, teammates or school mates among other peers. It is quite obvious then that sporting activities create a social community because people with similar passions meet and can share their opinions in regard to a specific sport or event. Just like any other entertainment activity such as watching movies or swimming, sports have an entertainment aspect in it whereby people enjoy watching their favorite games and teams play or enjoy playing because they have a passion for it. The other added entertainment activities such as music or cheerleading only improve the entertainment atmosphere because people with a passion for the sport will still be entertained with or without them. It is, however, important to have these additions because they create important memories for the audience whether they belong to the winning or the losing side.