Challenging Courage With Kayaking Alone

Kayak is a small boat moved by human power. The front and rear which closed leaving only a hole the size of the body. So kayak can only be climbed by an adult only. In order to move the kayak, kayak equipped with a single or double-headed paddle.

Because it is done alone, kayaking became one of the most challenging outdoor activities. For those of you who are always thirsty and courage to challenge yourself, then kayaking could be the best option. Feel the thrill of drifting in the swift water of low and high tide. Opponents water waves seemed to not want to stop hunting.

While sailing, do not miss the beauty of the surrounding panorama. This sport is very simple, for beginners can learn quickly from those who had already experienced.

Basic Technique Kayaking

Kayaking sport requires a lot of stamina. A set of basic engineering was needed as a preparation, especially for beginners. Some basic techniques that need to be studied are:

  • Learning Pool

Swim became the first capability you need to master. This is to anticipate when the kayak sideways or upside down and your body into the water.

  • Equipment Kayak

Before testing the courage with kayaking alone must complete the equipment. Not enough to just kayak and paddle. Equip yourself with other needs such as personal flotation devices, Kayak Trailers, spray skirts, helmets, dry suits, wet suits, booties, bag strap, paddle jacket, knife and bag dry bag. Supplies essential self-remember you will challenge the swift water alone.

  • Balancing Kayak

Can balance the kayak is also the basic techniques that need to be mastered. This is so like stay balanced and not skewed. The first time kayaking may feel unstable. The balance of the boat can be disturbed when there are waves crashing especially if the sitting posture and less true.

  • Hold a Paddle

Although seemingly simple, but holding the oars are no rules. Take the proper grip and move the paddle to the right direction. Sitting in the kayak without a paddle is almost impossible. Therefore, equip yourself with a spare paddle. So if accidentally accidents, could still spry and alert face obstacles.