Bali is a very beautiful island and fascinates many tourists who come to Bali with various destinations not only on vacation there is also what makes Bali as a place to capture a happiness such as A Honeymoon or Wedding.

Bali as a place to spend or capture the beautiful days during the honeymoon. To offer a choice of honeymoon packages please visit Contact The Seven Holiday . For those of you who want to honeymoon in Bali in accordance with the wishes or your budget, ranging from 4 star hotel to nonstar or jasmine with a choice of places of interest you want to visit and we packed well. Your solution is honeymoon in bali.

Not all honeymoon places in Bali cost a fortune, of course, the reader should know where it is. For that, for those who are planning a honeymoon in Bali without having to drain the contents of the wallet, continue reading the list below about, a romantic place in Bali for a cheap honeymoon.

Bukit Campuhan Ubud

Formerly one of the favorite pre-wedding photo among professional Balinese photographers. But since 2012, many tourists, especially foreign tourists who already know, the beauty of Mount Campuhan Ubud hunting. Because it is crowded, so many professional photographers choose the location of other pre-wedding photos in Bali. The honeymoon spot in Bali is not always synonymous with white sand beach scenery. But the honeymoon by sitting on a ridge of Campuhan will provide a new atmosphere with natural shades of green hills are still beautiful, with views of rice fields.

Sawah Terasering Jatiluwih

If the holiday to Bali either for the honeymoon or for family holidays, it feels incomplete if not visit this attraction. This tourist attraction, in addition to Ubud tourist attraction known as Tegalalang terraced rice field, is also found in the district of Tabanan and is the largest terraced rice field in Bali. His name is rice terraces Jatiluwih.

Bukit Asah Desa Bugbug Karangasem

Want to sit together with your dear couple, accompanied by gusts of wind, while looking at the green grass with the background of blue sea water. Visit Bukit Asah in the village of Bugbug Karangasem district. This hill, usually often used as a camping place. To reach the location of the Asah hill, guaranteed the reader will pass the extreme path. Should avoid using a motor. My suggestion, if readers want to visit Asah hill with a partner, please prepare drinking water, because, in Asah hill, there is no store. Please remember, this beautiful hill should not be damaged by littering.