Penang the best place to visit in Malaysia

Penang is a remarkable city present in Malaysia that boasts of local delicacies, shopping, recreation, nightlife, and sightseeing. Penang is rightly famous for its beaches and offers various beach sports. People can enjoy para-gliding and windsurfing. Moreover there are various botanical gardens, temple and shrines to visit.  For those people who want to enjoy the night life then Penang is just the right place for them. They can party the night away at various nightclubs and discotheques. The low cost of living and tax friendly system in Penang attracts many foreigners to choose Penang as their second home. As the property and rental costs are exceptionally low in comparison to other tourist attractions most of the foreigners are vying to buy their second home in Malaysia. Since Penang is a top tourist destination in Malaysia there are many brand name hotels in area. While a few tourist spots within Georgetown and around Penang change an entrance fee, many places of interest actually allows visitors to enter free of charge. Attraction with no entrance fee includes the quaint Han Jiang Ancestral Temple, the kek Lok Si Monastery on crane hill and the clean Jetties on Weld Quay.   There are many guides for walking tours available for free online, so one can just print out a copy and have fun going around the area. One can travel from Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia. Bus from Penang to KL is one of the popular bus routes in Malaysia which connect two tourist rich cities.

Transport facilities in Penang:

Penang, a small yet beautiful state in Malaysia, situated on the northwest of peninsular Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca. Bayan Lepas has become as a leisure and tourism precinct in Penang. With development of infrastructure and express way connected to key destinations within Penang, hotels and homestays service in this area have received an increasing demand. One can take a tour to Penang hill which is 833m above the sea level and comprises several hills including the western hill, tiger hill, government hill, flagstaff hill, Haliburton’s hill and strawberry hill. Penang hill is a beautiful landscape that offers beautiful panorama. Unique plants, greenish nature and historical heritage. Transportation in Penang is highly dependent on motorcycle vehicles and cars. According to the road transport department, there are many vehicles in Penang. Foreigners are encouraged to visit rapid Penang if they are considering having more economical methods to travel around the Penang islands. There are many buses operated from Penang to KL. It takes hardly five hours to reach from Penang to KL. Taking coach is convenient because one of departure in Penang is at Prangin Mall Komtar Georgetown. Most hotels, food and attractions are gathering in Georgetown, therefore the departure location became convenient for the passengers who are taking bus from Penang to KL. By taking flight or train from Penang to KL, departure point will become less convenient. This is because the airport is located about twenty minutes driving distance away from Georgetown.