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Qualities of a Good General Contractor

Also known as a prime contractor or main contractor; this is a person in a construction site charged with the responsibility of a particular project by hiring subcontractors, supervising the work done by them, paying them and ensuring timely communication to all parties involved. When you have a construction project, then it means you will need the right prime contractor to facilitate the process until it is done.

Here are the attributes to search for when looking for a prime contractor.

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This Individual can be a tradesman who has been in the Construction field and is well equipped with what it is about. They have all of the basic notions beginning from fixes to building homes. The main contractors hire subcontractors who they have known to work well and they have knowledge of construction to enable them to assess the work done by the hired construction technicians. Experienced prime contractors are much better in scheduling jobs and following up to ensure each sub-contractor completes his at the stipulated time.
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The main contractor should be charging a price which is affordable for you and that which reflects their ability. In the event of small quotes, it means that the contractor is fresh to the sector or not as confident of how much he can deliver. Higher price quotes might likewise not guarantee excellent work but you need to collect data on the cost ranges and in consideration of the standing and expertise choose the perfect price to pay.


This is another important aspect to look into when hiring a main contractor. If a contractor has previously offered quality work, then his former clients will refer you to him. You may also check online reviews and ask about them from the nearby Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau as well. This can help you narrow the choices of builders because the best will always connect you to preceding clients who will provide you honest opinions.


A contractor with high levels of integrity has a lot of benefits attached. This individual will quote a reasonable price, follow up jobs to ensure they are completed in time, make corrections whenever things do not proceed as planned and their work is coordinated.


Yes, there will be a plan of how your project will be worked on but sometimes it may need hastening and it will require a prime contractor with the skills to alter schedules to fit the current situation. This may include involving the sub-contractors in planning extra working time to achieve the set goal.

Good communication skills

The prime contractor should be a good communicator to pass information in time to all the involved persons from his workers to the owner of the project. He should also be a good listener for this will help attain a final actual project.