A Great Tourist Spot In Bali Island

The island of Bali is known as a paradise world. In fact, not only the people of Indonesia who recognize the island as the most beautiful tourist island. Travelers world even named Bali as the world’s best tourist island. As an island with the majority of the population is Hindu, Bali has a lot of temple building a place of worship of Hindus. In fact, many of pretending it is hundreds of years old. No wonder that Bali island dubbed the Thousand Temples and the Island of the Gods. tourist attractions in Bali, among others tourist attractions in Bali, among others, For more information please visit bali seminyak

17193-7x31. Seminyak

Seminyak is the location of the elite, and the visitor can still find the atmosphere of the beach. Namely, Seminyak Beach and Petitenget into a land to enjoy the atmosphere with the natural panorama of the sea. Gray sand into the second courtyard of this beautiful beach. In Petitenget Beach there is a temple called the same name by its beach, the Pura Petitenget. Although the temple is not included in the nine main temple in Bali, but the temple is also often used as a ceremonial place.

theseminyak-home-22. Virgin Beach

The beach is located on the eastern island of Bali has a million names. People call it Virgin Beach, Perasi Beach or White Sand Beach. The beach in eastern Bali is famous for its black sand. There are only a few beaches have white sand, one of which is the Virgin Beach.

3. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s famous tourist attractions on the island. Temple in Tanah Lot is part of Pura Dang Kahyangan in Bali, who became worshiping gods that guard the sea. This temple will be seen surrounded by sea water when the sea water was high tide.

4. Bias Tugel Beach

Bias Tugel beach is one of the best white sandy beaches in Bali. Bias Tugel Beach location not far from the port of Padang Bai, the roommates port is used as a means of crossing Bali – Lombok. From the top of the hill, looked incredibly unique: a mix of white sandy beaches, waving palm trees, shades of blue sea and ferries that actually looks like a cruise ship which was leaving / to the Port Padang Bai. After coming down from the mountain through the path, Reached the foot stepping on the soft white sands of Bias Tugel. The sea water looks so blue and very clear. Really tempting.

5. Kuta Beach

Kuta beaches a lot of tourists who visit. Kuta Beach is already global, because of the beauty of natural scenery beaches, waves suitable for surfing play. That is why this beach to be one of the favorite places for tourists to visit.

6. Sanur Beach

Sanur beach has become a paradise for surfers (Surfing) because the waves on Bali’s Sanur beach is very suitable for surfing, do not be surprised if foreign tourists are very happy with this place. Diving spots that are here are very well suited for divers from all skill levels. If the Kuta beach is very famous for the beautiful sunset, Sanur Beach is famous for its Sunrise or issuance of a dazzling sun.