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Top 5 Steps for Packing for International Travel

Traveling internationally can be an exciting experience. There is nothing worse than getting to a destination and learning you have forgotten an item that is irreplaceable. The key to keeping this from happening is through being extremely organized. There are five steps that if taken will help you keep this from happening.

  1. Detailed list of what needs to be taken with you.
  2. Listing what you need to take with you allows you to make sure you are bringing what you need.
  3. Breaking your list down into sections helps keeps it simpler to ensure you’re getting the items from each section
  4. Packing in stages
  5. Packing in stages reduces stress. Packing all at once creates a feeling of needing to rush.
  6. The stages allow you to pack along in the sections that you listed what you needed to bring with you.
  7. Verifying needs for entry to the countries
  8. Every country requires different documents for entry into their country
  9. Verifying flight restrictions are met for packing
  10. Every airline has different requirements for the luggage for their flight
  11. All airlines have restriction on what can be transported on their airplanes
  12. Every airport has different restriction on what can be in their terminals
  13. Double and