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Techniques of Stump Removal

With the rapid increase in urbanization, many people are clearing up land to put up commercial buildings and agricultural purpose. As one prepares the land, there are lots of plants he needs to do away with including trees and their stumps. It is much easy to fell a tree but removing the stump can be quite a difficult undertaking. To some extent, you will need professional advice to remove a stump and in the simplest way.

A stump adds no value to land because it is no longer a tree and it only covers development space. To make your compound look beautiful, you will not need any stump because they are an eyesore. When they are covered with vegetation, they can be dangerous because they can cause injury. The process of stump removal needs a lot of techniques which can only found with professionals. Here are some techniques which can be helpful for stump removal.

Hand removal – Hand removal of a stump is not easy, and it can be used in small tree stumps. You will require some tools to help you do this job, and some of the commonly used tools are an axe, digging bar, pick mattock, chainsaw, chain and a vehicle. Have the right tools is advantageous because it makes work easy. Tree roots go deep into the soil, and this makes stump removal a tough job. You will have to cut all the roots that give support to the stump and axe, or a chainsaw will help in this part. Use a pick mattock and digging bar to remove the soil and expose the roots for cutting. Once the roots are cut, it is now easy to remove the stump. Tie the stump using the chain and then connect it the vehicle to pull it out.
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Grinding – This technique is becoming popular each day, and it requires the assistance of an expert. It involves the use of grinding machine which you can hire with an expert who operates it. Detach all the roots from the stump by cutting them and remove any stones that may be around the area. Use the chainsaw to cut all the roots. Grinding machine is dangerous for a layperson that does not have any clue of using it, and it is appropriate that you call an expert to help you in the process. You will only have to part with some money to hire a professional.
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Use of chemical – This is a cost effective technique although it takes a lot of time to be successful in removing the stump. You have to drill holes around the tree stump and pour potassium nitrate in the holes. Fill the potassium nitrate holes with water then mix the solution thoroughly. Leave it for a few months as the chemical reacts with the stump. The stump will become spongy until you can remove it quickly.