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Details on Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair in certain parts of the body can be removed by means of highly concentrated beam of light being exposed to the hair follicles of the target area and this technique of hair removal is known as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal functions by destroying the hair follicles and its commonly performed on the face, arms and legs. The laser hair removal procedure requires training for the process to be a success without damaging the skin. This is why most laser hair removal procedures are carried out in clinics though some easier to operate devices have been developed which can be used at home. Various factors could results in different prices and include though cannot be limited to; the size of the area to be treated which reflects the total time required for completion of the procedure, the specific clinic you visit and its location or even the number of times the procedure will be performed. The procedure might be done a couple of times after the first round with weeks-time intervals for the hair follicles to be destroyed completely. Laser pulses of light are attracted to the pigment of the hair and this favors the dark hairs. This has necessitated the need to develop different lasers which can be able to serve various skin complexions and hair pigments. This procedure for hair removal is very effective and on completion of the series of treatments as advised by your doctor, the hair follicles are permanently removed though in some people it can take only one treatment to permanently get rid of the hairs.

Some factors that might cause some hairs to grow after the treatment is hormonal influence which is rare but normal. It is advisable to avoid waxing or shaving a few weeks to the laser treatment as waxing temporarily removes the roots which are targeted by the laser energy hence it might not be effective. The hair removal equipment should be adjustable since people have different skin types which will require different temperatures and light of varying wavelength for successful procedure. How deep the laser energy is able to penetrate into the dermal layer is important and one of the factors that determines this is width of the laser beam.

There are various ways accepted for cooling during the process of laser hair removal and it is an important part of the procedure as the skin is protected. Laser hair removal procedure is increasingly being performed today and this can be attributed to its effective hair reduction from most parts of the body. As a medical procedure, proper training is necessary to ensure a successful hair reduction process therefore visit a clinic with qualified staff.

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